Mini-Course: Establishing a Business Architecture Knowledgebase – 10 Nov 2020


Establishing a Business Architecture Knowledgebase – Nov 10 8–11 am PST / 11 am–2 pm EST / 5 pm–8 pm CET

Many organizations have had difficulty deploying a business architecture knowledgebase, dramatically limiting their ability to maturing and scaling the discipline and maximize overall value. One major constraint involves having a business architecture scattered across various desktop tools, which can draw more and more resources to make all of the relevant domain associations. A business architecture knowledgebase, which is built upon a formal metamodel, enables dynamic capture, analysis, interrogation, and on demand access by a cross-section of business professionals.

Key topics include:

  • Business architecture knowledgebase benefits, requirements, and uses
  • Formal metamodel definition and business architecture metadata management
  • Practical considerations including knowledgebase technology, setup, and deployment